Benimadhab Boys’ School : Mahitosh Gayen

Maltibala, Maltibala,I will go to you. Malatibala,will I ever get back to you, Malatibala,who are you with now? Like before,do you dream of me anymore? Maltibala,Maltibala,your color is black Secret love was secret, light in the mind, How much did you give me after seeing the shop? At that time I understood the irritability ofContinue reading “Benimadhab Boys’ School : Mahitosh Gayen”

History teaches us that careful thought must go into planting trees

Brett M Bennett, University of Johannesburg The idea that forests increase rainfall is an old idea that has inspired scientists and the public for centuries. Over 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus came to believe that the American tropics had heavy, continuous afternoon rain because of its dense vegetation. In the 1860s to 1890s, the ideaContinue reading “History teaches us that careful thought must go into planting trees”

Computer says no: robo-advice is growing but we still don’t trust it

Andrew Reeson, CSIRO; Andreas Duenser, CSIRO, and Martin Lochner, University of Tasmania People are open to receiving financial advice from robots, our studies show, but there might be a way to go to in convincing people to trust them over a human. We surveyed 138 people about their attitudes to, and preferences for, superannuation adviceContinue reading “Computer says no: robo-advice is growing but we still don’t trust it”

Scientists as Hollywood heroes

Declan Fahy, American University School of Communication Interstellar’s protagonists spend a significant portion of the movie’s 169-minute running time giving mini-lectures – sometimes with props and a little whiteboard – on theoretical physics. The characters describe esoteric cosmological concepts such as how a wormhole allows space travelers to take a cosmic shortcut. They explain howContinue reading “Scientists as Hollywood heroes”

Brain research shows the arts promote mental health

Brittany Harker Martin, University of Calgary During self-isolation due to coronavirus, many are turning to the arts. Perhaps they seek a creative outlet or opportunity for expression; but it’s also possible that their attraction may be driven by an innate desire to use their brains in ways that make them feel good. As a professorContinue reading “Brain research shows the arts promote mental health”

Yes, websites really are starting to look more similar

Sam Goree, Indiana University Over the past few years, articles and blog posts have started to ask some version of the same question: “Why are all websites starting to look the same?” These posts usually point out some common design elements, from large images with superimposed text, to hamburger menus, which are those three horizontalContinue reading “Yes, websites really are starting to look more similar”

5 milestones that created the internet, 50 years after the first network message

Scott Shackelford, Indiana University Fifty years ago, a UCLA computer science professor and his student sent the first message over the predecessor to the internet, a network called ARPANET. On Oct. 29, 1969, Leonard Kleinrock and Charley Kline sent Stanford University researcher Bill Duval a two-letter message: “lo.” The intended message, the full word “login,”Continue reading “5 milestones that created the internet, 50 years after the first network message”

DNS-over-HTTPS: why the web’s latest privacy tech is causing an outcry

Gareth Tyson, Queen Mary University of London and Timm Böttger, Queen Mary University of London A new technology promises to make your web browser more private than ever, keeping your internet activity from prying eyes. But some argue your data won’t actually be all that private. And others are worried it could actually help criminalsContinue reading “DNS-over-HTTPS: why the web’s latest privacy tech is causing an outcry”

Cartoons have always been for adults but here’s how they got tangled up with kids

Julian Lawrence, Teesside University BoJack Horseman, the show about an anthropomorphic horse struggling with depression and addiction, has come to end. The animated Netflix series gained a devoted following over its six-year run, earning praise for its empathetic exploration of adult themes. Since cartoons are often associated with children’s entertainment, it may seem odd forContinue reading “Cartoons have always been for adults but here’s how they got tangled up with kids”

Ghost events -There is no explanation – Sudip Ghoshal

My friend Milu has returned from Kolkata today. Back to meeting me first. I said, Milu, how are you? Milu said, I’m fine. How are you? I said I’m fine, but without saying that, Milu told me to meet Ashish. I came to tell the story. My interest in listening increased. At first I saidContinue reading “Ghost events -There is no explanation – Sudip Ghoshal”

Salvo – Asim Kumar Chatterjee

Today, Sanaiya’s tune has been playing at Kamaleshwar Babu’s house since morning. All the residents of “The Cloud” apartment on Circular Road in Tollygunge are very happy today. Intoxicated with joy. Good food for Kamleshwar Basu’s only grandson. The house is full of people. Gathering of relatives. Although the hotel “The Ocean” has been bookedContinue reading “Salvo – Asim Kumar Chatterjee”

From the pages of history – Ashim Kumar Chattopadhyay

From Bangalore: Suddenly lilte uncle came and appeared. He will spend two days in Kolkata for office work. Christmas holidays. Everyone at home is intoxicated with the joy of the festival. litle aunt makes wonderful cakes. In the morning there was a chat with cake and coffee. In the middle of the conversation, a smallContinue reading “From the pages of history – Ashim Kumar Chattopadhyay”

A trip to the Ayodhya hills of Purulia – Sabina Yasmin

Suddenly I decided to go to the Ayodhya hills of Purulia. There is only one reason to go to Ayodhya at the beginning of March – Palash flowers. We didn’t find a place to stay in town. I was at a government hotel called Niharika on the top of the hill. When I was goingContinue reading “A trip to the Ayodhya hills of Purulia – Sabina Yasmin”

Rabindranath in Bangladesh – Piyush Kanti Barua

Rabindranath-1 Rabindranath of Bangladesh:Rabindranath is the beacon of Bengali consciousness. Rabindranath is still a unique refuge in the crisis of the Bengalis. Rabindranath is involved with the nature of Bengal as the essence of consciousness. Rabindranath’s melody and rhythm are mixed in the river-cosmos, birds-palla of this country as an accompaniment of roots. Rabindranath Padma,Continue reading “Rabindranath in Bangladesh – Piyush Kanti Barua”