Benimadhab Boys’ School : Mahitosh Gayen

Maltibala, Maltibala,I will go to you.

Malatibala,will I ever get back to you,

Malatibala,who are you with now?

Like before,do you dream of me anymore?

Maltibala,Maltibala,your color is black

Secret love was secret, light in the mind,

How much did you give me after seeing the shop?

At that time I understood the irritability of separation.

The henna blossoms in the garden

I can’t find happiness even after bathing in the river of beauty,

Then I was in the twelfth grade with joy

The mind without an addressless future.

I like to study in Benimadhab school now

How many people came to read in the evening,

I am now the math teacher huge school house

When l sees a jasmine flower in her bangs, thinks it is that sari.

Maltibala,Maltibala,after a long time

Honestly,she still cries in love,

I told my girlfriend everything about you

That is why there is so much conflict in the heart.

I see you next to me after a long time

Is he your favorite man, is he your groom,

Life filled the mind, tears filled the corners of the eyes

I don’t mind sitting at home anymore – Insant is not cutting.

In life I have established, flat cars

Eavesdropping on money, jewels, gold, wife

This river of life, which comes back every night, grazes

No one in the high-family sees the pain of the mind.

That song floats in the moonlight in the middle of the night

Wherever Maltibala goes, the tone is gone,

He wants to return to the rhythm and swear all night

No one gets first love without being ruined.

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