Hopefully : Mahitosh Gayen

The night is increasing, the night is increasing, the fear is silent at night
Water wind wind water fear night victory,
The clouds in the sky are dark, the clouds are pure air
There is no rain, the light of hope is still faint.

The dawn has blossomed in the sky
Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!
Bhairabi laughs today while Mohan is playing the flute
Radhika is by his side in Krishna Gopal farming.

Happiness is not in the empty pocket of the last pocket of the month
Don’t cut day don’t cut night,dry face,
The dream life is lost, the book is cracked with difficulty
Happiness is lost when no one sees the tears in the eyes.

Where there is happiness, where there is no address
Victory happiness chariot, not known world pair
That day was blue in the sky, that day was good
There is a lot of trouble on the horizon today. The horizon is black today.
People want to see good people
Let the language of the heart be with you,
The disease germs go away and the trouble goes away
The dream of living a working life will never be ruined.

Birds are singing victory songs on the branches of Krishnachura tree,
Paran Majhi riding the ferry, like the wave.
The green tree swayed and touched the soul
Happiness will come before the good days have passed.

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