GOD: Ancient Aliens or a myth? SHUBHANKAR SINGHA

GOD: Ancient Aliens or a myth? SHUBHANKAR SINGHA

About Author

Shubhankar Singha was born on 2nd June 1992, son of Mrs. Bharati Singha and Mr. Siddhartha Singha from Kolkata, India. Though he is a Marine engineer by qualification but started his professional life as an illustrator and a magazine cover designer at the age of 8 and his painting was published in Ananda Bajar Patrika, The Telegraph, Pratidin, Bartamaan, Ganashakti etc. He is involved in art, music and drama since his childhood and he is also interested in the cinematic world. He has an elaborated knowledge regarding the myths and mythologies around the globe. His first book was published at Nazrul Stadium in the presence of eminent guests and was directly telecasted in ABP Ananda and 24 Ghanta news channel. He completed his secondary academic session from Nava Nalanda and higher secondary from A.K Ghosh Memorial High School. As an achievement, he was awarded with a lot of awards including “Nalandashree” for painting and “Outstanding Achievement in Art and Craft Award” from his college, Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering. And he is continuing his professional journey as an artist, assistant filmmaker and scriptwriter. He has also participated in numerous painting exhibitions and was honored by renowned art gallery such as, Academy of Fine arts, Birla Academy, ICCR, Gallery Gold, Chitrakoot, Altamira Art Gallery, etc. in India. He also worked as a co-editor of various books that was published from India and Bangladesh.


GOD: Ancient Aliens or a myth?

The writing provides a hidden reflection about the inter-relationship of God and Alien with detailed documentation together with their interpretations in different cultures and ancient scriptures around the world. It not only covers the Indian mythology, but it also covers the different ancient scriptures from Maya to Bible, Aztec to Indus, including Hindu Dharma. There is a logical deduction regarding the relation between “Brahma” and “Brahmanda”, Time Epoch, Age of the Universe according to the Vedas etc. It is totally a different thought which will change many views about our present perspective and has never been documented before in India, at this magnitude. The technological support achieved by the ancient people shows the expertise in regards to the evolved technology and their reference to the advanced races. It additionally includes a vast description and relation between the city of Cydonia on Mars and the Pyramid of Egypt. There are lots of details in informative format concerning the megalithic sites of the world, which proves the existence of Aliens and their old civilizations. There are various abstractions about God as a way to make everybody believe about their misunderstanding coping with the spiritual knowledge.

Chapter 1


Have you ever observed the Milky Way galaxy in a dark night when all the lights are out? It seems so adorable when the shimmering lights of the numerous glittering stars get reflected in our eyes. In our childhood, most of us have tried to enumerate the number of stars present in the foreground of our vision. But we often get distracted by those stars after a counting of twenty to twenty five.

Whereas, you will be amazed to know that, according to the space physicists, there are about 200 billion stars present in our Milky Way galaxy and there are nearly 100 billion galaxies in the Universe. Hence, if we anticipate we are abandoned in the Universe, it is an abominable decay of space! As Wemher Von Braun said, “our Sun is one of a 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of billion of galaxies populating the universe. It would be the height of presumption to think that we are the only living thing in that enormous immensity.”

So, for a time being, we can wipe out our old perception and accept that, there may be antecedents of a new breed abode at the altered planet present in this universe. It is also considerable that, the alien breed may be older than the human species, as the Earth is living in its young age compared to the other planets. 

According to the scientists, the age of the Earth is about 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years (4.54 × 10^9 years ± 1%). This age is based on affirmation from radiometric age dating of meteorite material and is consistent with the ages of the oldest-known earthbound and lunar samples.

Following the scientific anarchy and the development of radiometric age dating, measurement of lead in uranium-rich minerals showed that, some were in excess of a billion years old. This notion of radiometric age courting offered by the invention of radioactive elements in 1902 with the aid of Ernest Rutherford and Frederick Soddy, equivalent to uranium and thorium, broke down into other elements in a predictable sequence or series. This robust fact seemed like abracadabra to many, but American chemist Bertram Borden Boltwood (1870-1927) used to be intrigued.

Boltwood studied this abstraction of “radioactive series,” and found that lead was consistently present in uranium and thorium ores. He believed that, the lead has to be the final artefact of the radioactive adulteration of uranium and thorium. A few years later, in 1907, he reasoned that since he knew the amount at which uranium break down (its half-life), he could use the proportion of lead in the uranium ores as an affection of beat or clock.

This beat would acquaint him how long that ore and by extension, the earth’s band had existed. His observations and calculations put the Earth’s age at 2.2 billion years. This was an affecting access in the appraisal of Earth’s age for the time.

Boltwood’s basal abstraction and technique have been acclimated ever since 1907, but advances in technology and knowledge of atomic structure have apparent the Earth to be even older. Uranium adulteration is so slow, it could announce geologic time. His acumen holds accurate for added radioactive elements such as carbon 14, which has been acclimated to date artefacts aural human history. 

With the achievement of advanced science and technology, many ideas and proposals seem to be a conundrum. After crossing the ocean of decades, today, we are able to imagine stepping on Mars and we have now already spent billions of greenback and tons of time on the Moon.

Now, somehow, if we manage to go back to the 18th century, the idea of ‘stepping on Mars’ must reflect as a doubtful abstraction to our ancestors. But, is it also a doubtful abstraction to us? – I believe, NO. As science is improving day by day, each idea involving new strategies will unfold to us. What we acquire to do is, to just accept the new account and apprehend by analytic deduction.

At present date, when we will step on the other planet, will all of us be referred to as the dweller of that touring planet? – No. It’s certainly not. Rather, if any affectionate of active beings are there, we all will become exoteric beings to them, in one word ‘Aliens’. We all apperceive that, the intelligent extraterrestrial beings are accepted as aliens.

The ancient astronaut theorists consider that, the aliens used to come from outer space to the Earth with an agenda. Proponents forwarded their thought that, this acquaintance afflicted the development of human cultures, technologies, and religions. A common affirmation is that deities from most, if not all, religion are actually extraterrestrial in nature, and that such visitors’ avant-garde technologies were wrongly accepted by archaic men as an affirmation of divine status.

Now a day, it’s simple to acknowledge that, there is every chance of advance species in our cosmos that can be technologically superior to us. Imagine we are travelling to our early man era with present hi-tech weapons, food, aerial craft, and added gizmos. Then, what kind of scene you can observe? – No wonder, we will be treated as “Gods” by our ancestors because of the things we can do with the help of the technology we are carrying.

In my opinion, God is the one who is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, architect of our Cosmos. And the one, who does not charge cars to travel from point A to point B and the one who does not require weapons for destroying mankind. We, human or material bodies charge all these technologies to survive. Then what are the differences amid humans and Gods? – It is easier to elaborate if we yield the abstraction of Gods in our simple accurate way.

According to the sages of altered culture, the energy that is present in our soul and dealing with the space and time is referred to as the bliss of God. So, one question may hit your mind – Who is God?

Let me clear your vision about the God. The Supreme Energy that has no structure, and is liable for each and every incident occurring at the theatre of the Cosmos, in the higher level of consciousness is God. In one term, it may be bidding as the ‘Unending Consciousness’, which is infinite and has neither a bend nor an end. It may be a fact of confusion to you.

But just recall the stories of God, which you have heard in your childhood. You will always find lots of technological stuff and a character considered as a God. But the real God has no physical structure and they don’t need any kind of technological support to prove their existence, according to the religious scriptures. Then, who are those characters that we consider to be a God?

In line with the ancient astronaut theorists, a group of highly intelligent species presupposed to have come to the Earth thousands of years ago. Some of the theorists claim that, these species formed the basis for the mythological Gods of ancient cultures. Absolutely, these species are termed as an ancient alien and visited the earth up to now.

Though, the inspiration of ancient aliens is just not a brand new one either. We know that, creativeness or the imagination is likely one of the most powerful instruments in humanity’s evolutionary struggle for survival. So, as a race, we’re hardwired to accede the essential ideas, such as the construction of life on the earth and the historical past of individuals on this planet.

At some factor, we’re all awarded with assorted explanations and theories apropos the expansion of human lifestyles on this planet. In the continued history of humankind, the majority of these concepts have followed religious teachings, and the ability of a spiritual God or Gods. But, in modern times, with the improvement of knowledge and sense of realization, abounding humans have appeared to challenge these claims.

The abstraction of evolution has been acclimated to demonstrate the bit-by-bit change of traits that living organism abide over time, which is accompanied to the environment, but it does not explain how the biological cells of human’s first antecedent were spawned.

Due to the fact that, every person is absorbed in the construction of lifestyles on the planet, and accordingly we admit to believing in the vigour of religion and the impossibility of alien life, the concept that this text will be examining seems to be controversial. Though it will be based around some concepts that have been labelled absurd by the scientific community, but you can let your imagination go free, and have some fun with the new perception.

The idea surrounding ancient aliens is a basal one. It states that an accumulation of extraterrestrials that visited Earth in the past afflicted the human population. They were directly involved in the evolution of primates, including humans. It has been suggested that this was accomplished by way of genetic engineering, crossbreeding, or an aggregation of both, ultimately allowance in the development of human cultures, technologies and religions. 

The idea first gained widespread exposure with the 1968 publication of ‘Chariots of the Gods’ by Erich von Däniken, but the concept has been around since the middle of the 19th century. A common alternative of the idea includes proposal that, deities from most, if not all, religions, including angels and demons, are in fact extraterrestrials, whose advanced technologies were taken by humans as an affirmation of a divine status. This concept is accompanying to the religious practice of a burden cult, which can be apparent in modern day pre-industrial affiliated societies. 

This idea of acceptance of the advance technology as a divine status is reflected in the ancient history of the earth. The ancient alien theory states that, extraterrestrials purposely tricked the human citizenry into believing that, they were Gods, growing faith to aid individuals evolve more efficiently. The Fermi paradox is the apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the dearth of proof for, or contact with such civilizations.

It has been proposed that, with the current age of the cosmos and its all-inclusive amount of stars, if the Earth used to be typical, extraterrestrial life should be normal. According to this paradox, the zoo speculation has been urged.

It states that aliens most likely hinder making their presence known to humanity, or preclude exerting an influence on development, rather comparable to zookeepers, watching animals in a zoo, or experimental scientists observing a study of life. Adherents of the speculation think that, the Earth and humans are being secretly surveyed utilizing some kind of gear placed on the earth, or in different places in the Solar System. Charles Fort’s unpublished 1915 manuscript, ‘Novel X’, describes how Martian beings or Martian movements control existence on the earth. Fort finally burnt the manuscript, but one surviving quote from it states, “The Earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property.”

As the proposers subscribing to the consequent paleocontact hypothesis, ion thought has popularized, particularly in the latter half of the twentieth century, included by Erich von Däniken, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Zecharia Sitchin, Robert okay. G. Temple, David Icke, and Peter Kolosimo.  But, the idea that ancient astronauts actually existed is not actively taken by academics, and has accustomed little or no aboveboard absorption in associate advised studies. Hence, the concept of the ancient astronauts had been extensively used as a plot gadget in science fiction.

But, what about the creation of the human? Proponents of the ancient astronaut hypothesis normally keep that, humans are both descendant and creation of aliens who landed on the earth, countless number of years in the past. An associated thought is that, so much of human knowledge, religion, and culture came from extraterrestrial viewers in old times that acted as a “Mother Culture”.

Ancient astronaut proponents also believe that travellers from outer space, referred to as “astronauts” (or “spacemen”) left concrete evidences of altered age-old civilisation in the anatomy of the concrete structures at megalithic sites on Earth such as the Moai stone heads of Easter Island, Stone Henge, Carnac Stones in France, Nazca Lines of Peru, Puma Punku, Unfinished Obelisk of Aswan, Ggantija of Malta, Pyramid of Giza etc. It also includes abstract evidences like ancient inscriptions and scriptures- The Bible, The Koran, The Mahabharata, The Ramayana, the Book of Genesis and the Book of Enoch. There are also abounding evidences in the Book of Ezekiel and in the bags of clay tablets from Mesopotamia, Petro glyphs and Hieroglyphs. Evidences even have been gathered from the Mayan Civilization, the Aztec Civilization and the Sumerian Cuneiform tablet also.

There are also a lot of structural evidences proving the existence of advanced technical knowledge present in our Earth such as the Grooved Spheres, the Ica Stones,  the  Antikythera Mechanism,  the  Baghdad Battery,  the  Coso Artefacts, the out of place metal objects, the  Piri Reis Map,  the  fossil hammer etc, including the proof of an advanced engineering skill that was used to built the Spaceships or Vimanas, mentioned in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

But this concept, which tells us that Gods are ancient aliens, was not accustomed by a lot of the people. As the abstraction of Gods and adoration is dissolved in our claret since we are born, and it became an allotment of our human DNA now a days. Besides, humans consistently use to alternate to acquire the new concept. Therefore, it may assume to be a casuistic approach to abounding readers, but, we have to perceive the differences amid the TRUTH and REALITY. 

Whoever is ready to distinguish, they are going to be the proprietor of this new conceptual knowledge and can discover the hidden truth of probably the most controversial question of the Earth – Gods: Ancient Aliens or a Myth?

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