Benimadhab Boys’ School : Mahitosh Gayen

Maltibala, Maltibala,I will go to you. Malatibala,will I ever get back to you, Malatibala,who are you with now? Like before,do you dream of me anymore? Maltibala,Maltibala,your color is black Secret love was secret, light in the mind, How much did you give me after seeing the shop? At that time I understood the irritability ofContinue reading “Benimadhab Boys’ School : Mahitosh Gayen”

GOD: Ancient Aliens or a myth? SHUBHANKAR SINGHA

About Author Shubhankar Singha was born on 2nd June 1992, son of Mrs. Bharati Singha and Mr. Siddhartha Singha from Kolkata, India. Though he is a Marine engineer by qualification but started his professional life as an illustrator and a magazine cover designer at the age of 8 and his painting was published in AnandaContinue reading “GOD: Ancient Aliens or a myth? SHUBHANKAR SINGHA”