I Walk Till : Ranesh Ray

I walk along the galaxy of life

Under the shadow of cloud in the sky

An endless walk that I walk by

Along the heart of my motherland,

I roam around from North to South

From one end of the globe to other

From Atlantic to Indian ocean via Mediterranean,

I am a stranger from Norway to Nigeria

I walk through Afganisthan to China,

Aimlessly I march forward

From Kanya kumari to Kashmir

From Bay of Bengal to hill top Himalayas,

From Manipur to Maharashtra I walk

It is my long travel from dawn to dust,

It is from sea coast  to snowy peak

I ride passed the forest green

From crop field to port I travel by.

The sky is darkened deep

It is blackout in the full moon night,

The Sun does not dawn in the morning

 Away it takes beacon of life,  

Birds return to their nest

The morning song is not sung

The fountain does not flow down

The river floats not to meet the sea,

Still I walk along the path

Thousand of miles I travel by.

The ship floats without rudder

To anchor at the coast of the port

All the transactions of life are closed,

Under the rage of nature 

Life breathes no more,

We remain stranded face to face

None but  my destination and me

Do not know where we travel to.

But it is not the end of my travel

I walked passed the dark past

I cross over the present

I walk forward to the future,

I ride up and down the hill

To reach the peak 

I walk and walk, travel by

Till I meet Sukanya, dearest of dears,

Face to face I and none but Sukanya

She whispers to me 

The Sun  will dawn 

The  new morning to usher

The bud will bloom to flower.

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