Salvo – Asim Kumar Chatterjee

Today, Sanaiya’s tune has been playing at Kamaleshwar Babu’s house since morning. All the residents of “The Cloud” apartment on Circular Road in Tollygunge are very happy today. Intoxicated with joy.

Good food for Kamleshwar Basu’s only grandson. The house is full of people. Gathering of relatives. Although the hotel “The Ocean” has been booked for the main event and refreshments. All the guests will come there.

Car parking in the basement of the apartment. Shopping complex on the ground floor. Two banks on the first floor. An ATM. On the second floor is the nursing home on one side and the fertility center on the other. Residential from the third floor. Total eight floors.

Four families on each floor. One flat is 1200 to 1400 square feet. Two capsules are on either side of the front of the elevator building. One is for residents and the other is for a nursing home and fertility center. Stairs through the middle. Two security guards rooms on either side of the elevator.

Kamleshwar Babu lives on the seventh floor. He used to work in the postal department. Head Post Master. He retired four years ago. One son, one daughter. Sutirtha and Somdatta. Somdatta lives in London.

Researching in Micro Biology. Husband baseball player. A boy. Fall in school. Sutirtha Doctor. Cardiologist. Wife Madhurima goes to college. Four years of married life. There were no children.
Many doctors have shown. Almost all gynecologists say the same thing.

Normalization is not possible. The fallopian tube is severely damaged. Sutirthar also has some problems. Madhurima was finally able to conceive through IVF (in vitro fertilization). Today is the happy birthday of their son Dimitrov.

Many of the invitees are doctors. He came with his family. Three types of arrangements. Bar down. Veg in one room and non-veg in the banquet. The total number of guests has exceeded 600. Kamaleshwar Babu himself has come down to supervision.

And why not get off? The only son. Except for so many years. This is a little bit of a matter. It’s as if the whole city is trying to say, look, my grandfather Sonar has rice in his mouth today.

My descendants have arrived. Peace to my dead now. The only sad thing was that Sutirtha’s mother could not go. All of us have been swept away in a desperate path.

It’s been five years. Brain tumor. At first there was no sympathy. Divya is a healthy person. He used to laugh and work. Then sudden headache symptoms. Unbearable pain. He used to take pain killer tablets without telling anyone. One day he slipped from the kitchen to the dining table. He was grabbed and laid on the bed.

Later he said, I saw all the darkness in my eyes. Then I lost my balance. Sutirtha was not late. Neurologist friend Dr. Botball called. That’s when Sutirtha got out of the car. Paramake was taken away. After a primary check-up, Dr. Bottball said he would give a final opinion after a few tests and scans.
Parama had to go for three days in a row. Except for seven days, Sutirtha was called to the chamber. Said brain tumor. It’s too late. Expanded A Large Area. For Second Opinion We Better Consult with Neuro Oncologist Dr. N Srivastava, The Best One in Asia.

An appointment was made with Dr. N Srivastava next week. By then all the reports had arrived. Seeing and hearing everything, Dr. Srivastava said the same thing. The disease has spread. There is nothing to do. Parama was kept alive for some time with medicine and therapy. Then it’s all over.

Kamaleshwar Babu was supervising the Vej and Nonvej houses. Sutirtha was in the ground floor bar. Most of them are his friends. The team of doctors. In the middle of the party, Dr. Dipayan Mitra staggered to the middle of the hall and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention.”
Glass in hand. Drink half. Can’t stand straight. It is understood that it is a full drink. He said in a hushed voice, “Sorry, there are no ladies here.” Just gentlemen. Do you know why you came here today? What do you think, Dr. Sutirtha Basu’s son’s food? No.
U r absolutely color. He is not his biological father. Everyone said that Dr. Mitra has become your addict. You sit down. No shla says I’m drunk. Never. C, I can walk straight. Going to show, he pushed the pillar. Then he staggered to the basin and became a little lighter. Hold the hole in a sofa.
After resting for a while, the two escorted Dr. Mitra straight to his car. Gone. But the seed that was buried remained in Sutirtha’s mind. Again, everyone was overjoyed. The party came back in its own color. But the only pale Sutirtha. He spent the rest of the time pretending. He didn’t let anyone understand what was going on in his mind. Even Manideepa did not know.

After one day, he contacted a private detective very carefully. He told everything openly. The request must reveal the truth. No need to worry about money.

The only question is who is the real biological father of their child? He took out the check book from his briefcase. He wanted to know how much he would write his fee. The detective gentleman is very friendly. He took a little money to run the business. He said if I can reveal the truth, I will take a fee or nothing.
I’ll let you know in a couple of days. Bye bye, scan the photos of your wife and Dr. Dipayan Mitra and send them to me. Mail me the list of names and mobile numbers of your most familiar doctors. Apart from this, if you have a close family friend, send a list with his or her name or mobile number. I’ll take care of the rest.

The days began to pass with great anxiety. I can’t even put my mind in the chamber. Giving back to the patients. Madhurima wanted to know if her body was bad. Just didn’t say. Sutirtha did not speak further.

He grabbed a cigarette and went to the balcony. He was leaning on the railing and watching the traffic jam. Even on so many nights the circular road is equally busy.

But Sutirtha did not see anything. Just thinking about Dr. Mitra. The whole body is shaking just thinking about Madhurima. His married wife of four years. So many years together.

Happiness and sorrow are shared equally by both of them. In the midst of thousands of medical engagements, he has taken time out for his wife.

Her desire has always prevailed to forget the pain of not having children. When Sutirtha did what he said. And whether that wife cheated on him. Such a great disgrace to his faith.

The relationship that is made by cheating is the same as having a relationship or not. There is no point in just showing people. Today or tomorrow everyone will know.

This boy will one day grow up and want to know who his real father is. What will Sutirtha answer? Say, your mother knows.

The boy who does not know who his father is, his social existence is in danger. Friends will say, who is your father? You idiot. Sutirtha can’t think anymore. The head is relaxing. He turned off the light and lay down on the bed.

Detective Sodi appeared in his chambers one day after ten days. In fact, his good name is Somnath Dey. In short, a little wheel so d. The news has come. The news from the horse’s mouth. Dr. Majumdar is right.

He himself is the father of this child. His other child was Dimitrov. Well, this time the history behind naming Dimitrov was understood.

When Madhurima would be seven months or eight months old, one evening while sitting on the balcony, the two of them were deciding what to name the newcomer. If it is a boy, then it is Sugat or Susnigadha with the name Sutirtha.

Madhurima doesn’t like it. Whatever the name, Madhurima’s words do not work. All these ancient names are omitted. I want a modern name. Sutirtha said, then you say.

Madhurima said without thinking, Dimitrov. Like the Russians. Sutirtha laughed and said, so tell me, you have already fixed it. Just made a fool of me. Madhurima said, you are a fool.

What will I make again? Today I understand the reason for naming Sutirtha Dimitrov. The for Dipayan and Mitra are the surnames of Dipayan. The friend.
V has covered so that Sutirtha does not understand. Admittedly, he is a fool. Or two more letters with it.
But Mr So De, Sutirtha said, could not file a complaint against a person just for the sake of matching names. Infallible proof is required. Again, it is not just a matter of word of mouth.

Evidence that the court believes. So D grabbed a cigarette. Leaving one-sided wash, he said, I know Dr. Basu. Let me tell you Sorry. Please tell. I checked the names you sent one by one. I have arranged the reasoning behind keeping and not keeping.
I did not find any suitable evidence. After applying the trial and error method, I got stuck in Dr. The Mitra. Then I collected all the information about Dr. Mitra and your wife Madhurima. You will be shocked to hear what I have learned. All the paper, video recordings are stored with me. You have been tricked.
Both of them have all the plans behind not having children. During intercourse, please don’t mind, you would ejaculate and then she, I mean, Madhurima Devi would go to the washroom and wash and take the pill so that the next month is just like the period.
Dr. Mitra checked Madam and told her that there would be no damage to the fallopian tube and no baby in the normal way. Second, the other two doctors you contacted for third opinion were also Dr. Mitra’s reference doctors. Madam has performed perfectly. All reports are sorted.
Convincing you is to get pregnant through IVF. You did what you were told. You were in complete darkness. That is actually a drama. In fact, Dimitrov is the fruit of Madhurima and D Mitra’s love. Take this recording of all documents and various labs and doctors confessions.
My friend Sitangshu Patranbish, the detective chief of Lal Bazar, can claim half the credit for this. Then I come now. Wait a minute, Mr. So D. Take your fee. Thanks.
A long time ago, Sutirtha sent an application to the University of Michigan, a very casual American.
The answer comes in the mail of that day. Asked to contact within a month. Although a doctor, Sutirtha believes in God. I bowed to God. He took out some print out of the letter and put it inside the envelope. Then he sent mail to Ramakrishna Mission in Andaman.
Wanted permission to serve without pay. He agreed to all the terms of the mission. Got the answer in three days. Swamiji liked the CV sent by him. Awaiting the consent of Belur Math. Will be informed as soon as the letter arrives from there. The next task is to contact a Lawyer. Friend Subimal is there.
But no more friends. Completely unknown. Everything is online. Madhurima is financially sound enough since she is in college. Take good care of yourself and your son. Apart from that, my father has a pension. Dad gets a big pension. Everything is frozen. Yet the advice of a lawyer is needed.

Speaking to Advocate Premanshu Dastidar, Sutirtha made a will in that way. Mission K donated a large portion of his savings. Everything is ready in a month.
Just to tell the two. One father and two sweethearts. That night Madhurima was informed that she wanted to go to America. Got a good offer. Said in a little detail. Shown a letter from the University of Michigan. Madhurima wanted to know why she had not told him before.

In fact, the letter arrived a few days ago. Leaving everyone. It’s time to dump her and move on. It won’t be right unless the opportunity comes. It happened as I thought. Madhurima Nimraji. He once said in dishonesty, it will be very difficult to leave you. But what else can be done. When to go.

Let’s take a tear. This is the hardest job. Lying to Dad. He never lied to his parents. Two eyes are filling with water. Leaving home at the age of only thirty-five. I realized that many wise men have left home at a very young age. Has left home. Rajsukh has left.
He is nothing to them. If they can, why can’t they? What God does is for good. But none of them resorted to lies to leave home or family. He will take.

She doesn’t want to hurt her father at this age. The man will suffer a lot. But if you know you are in America, you will not be sad. And Law Year says there’s no need to think about divorce right now. When the time comes, he will tell everything himself.

Today is the day of that difficult test. Standing in front of the father to lie. Open heart surgery is much easier than this. There is a lot of tension in the neck and mouth. At this time the house is empty. Madhurima College. Dimitrov to Ayre. Dad is reading the paper now. So, this is the right time. After saying this for a while, Sutirtha entered the main word directly. He was supposed to go to America.

After hearing all, the father agreed. The tension went away when the father accepted. She is very normal now. Talk on the phone. Moreover, video chat can be done. If you can fix the other side a little, it will take everyone there. Dad will show you everything well. Dad would love to have everyone together. Sutirtha came out of the house after talking for a while more.

Letter has arrived from Andaman. The mission is near the cellular prison. It is also a kind of captive life. Leaving everyone known for a long time. From now on, there is only one religion. Human religion. Only one job. Human service. A guide. Swami Vivekananda. Another God. Thakur Ramakrishna will give Paramahamsa

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