The bread – Asim Kumar Chatterjee

Screaming and shouting at home since morning. The house is very quiet. But today’s situation is different. One house man. Elder uncle has come from Tollyganj. With aunt and Kamalika’s old daughter Dwipanbita. Elder uncle lawyer. He practiced in the Calcutta High Court. Enough name calling. Small Psima came from Chandan Nagar. Widowed people. Age over seventy.

Yet he said the last word in this family. Mejmama called. Coming by car from Baguio. Tire puncture in the middle of the road. It will be a little late to come. Two close friends of Kamalika’s father have come. There is one in the Kolkata police and another is a political leader.

Mother and Psima have been scolding Kamalika for her rudeness since morning. This is your teaching. I have not learned to give people the respect they deserve. Now look how it feels. Sometimes my father came and said, you stop for a while. Where is the quarrel between husband and wife?

So say. . . No, no, I can’t accept that. I will not leave without a prescription. Psima said, look, Chhotu, don’t do anything in anger. Calm down. Baby girl. The whole life is still falling. That seems to be the table.

           Kamalika is married. Lives in Konnagar. In the newly bought flat. Along the Ganges. Soumitra means Kamalika’s husband did not want to come here. The parents are old. Her father is sick. Heart patient. The doctor forbade the uncle. Stays at home. Mother has to do all the work. Naru’s mother is there, of course.

Works fine. Very believable. Mom is on a very good bus. In fact, his mother secretly gives him whatever he needs, whether it is money or something else.

Dad doesn’t even know. Soumitra’s grandfather lives outside. Doesn’t have much to do with home. But call if needed. One play each time. Tell me first. Calling from the office. Maupriya does not know. Who says how is all this ashes, then the point can be said.

I want some money. I’m in a little trouble. Mom knows everything. Understands. But what? Even if it is a thousand, mother. If you don’t want a child, you can’t say. When Soumitra returns from the office in the evening and is busy with his laptop, his mother will quietly enter the house.

Cup of tea in hand. In the next room, Kamalika is sitting with their daughter Molly to teach. Leave the cup of tea in one corner of the table and stand behind Soumitra. He would talk about his grandfather while rubbing his hands on his back. That means you have to send money to grandpa. Soumitra smiled. That’s right.

I will send it to my grandfather’s account from the office tomorrow. Mother leaves. And just then Kamalika entered the house. At the speed of the storm. First of all, your mother came? Why, ask for money for the eldest son?

What do you think your mother, we do not have the money to call the treasury? So why not take money from the father-in-law? I will kill you too. Mother wanted and gave it immediately. Why, you can’t say no. You can only be with your mother when you are so sick.

Where is not a penny for my parents. In five years of marriage, you bought only a washing machine and a Bravia wall hanging TV for my father’s house. Last time I asked Pujo to buy a Usha sewing machine for my mother. If not.

This time on my father’s birthday I asked him to buy a smart phone. Did you? I’ll tell you later. When will I hear that layer? Listen, I called home and said we are going to Poyala Boishakh.

I will surprise my father on the same day. I have seen Reliance Digital. I went with Suparna Baudi from the next house. Suparna Baudi’s husband is not a man like Alokeshdar. Doesn’t question anything.

Bought a smart phone for Suparnadi’s father. What a beautiful sight. I will also go with Suparnadi and buy it. After that, Kamalika caused so much unrest for two days that Soumitra was forced to borrow money and bring it to Kamalika. But this is the solution to all the problems?

No, it didn’t. Rather increased. As soon as he left the office, he would get upset with his mother. It reached such a stage that mother pressed a stone on her chest and forced Soumitra to go up somewhere else. It is no longer possible to be together. Soumitra cried in private. He never dreamed he would have to leave his parents one day. Just to please the bride. Moved to new flat.

Kamalika’s father Sujit Mukherjee. Do business. Order from Ordnance Factory with Spare Spartan of Gun. There are many small factories in the old slums along the Ultodanga canal. Makes goods from there. Profits are good.

The condition of Kamalika’s father’s house is good. There was an ambassador car. He sold it and bought a new Xylo. Their two-storey house in Shyamnagar. There is a garden house on the side of Kalyani Expressway. He built a small factory there.

Makes goods in his own factory. The margin is good. Bishwakarma is worshiped every year. Quite pompously. Kamalika left with her daughter Molly two days ago. Soumitra comes at night. Back to the office. After eating and drinking, he went back to the flat. Kamalika stays for two more days. Dad’s car arrives.

That’s how it was going. But this time the goal was scored. Soumitra’s body was not good. Feeling of fever. With severe headaches. He had informed Kamalika by phone from the office. Kamalika said she knows all those dramas. An excuse not to come.

He must come. Poor Soumitra! His life has become miserable while maintaining peace. She can’t anymore. Like every time, this time too he kept the anger deep in his mind. Bishwakarma Pujo came to his father-in-law’s house with a bad body.

At dinner he said his body was bad. He will not eat anything. Mother-in-law said eat something. Tell me, what will you eat? Soumitra said, a cup of tea and two pieces of bread. Where can you find bread at the thuri factory in Pujo’s house?

There are no shops on the side of the highway. Yes, he is on the side of the station. A boy was sent. The night turned a lot. The boy came back sweating. The bread was not found. The mother-in-law fell into shame. Son-in-law. Very good boy He has enough affection in his mind. But he has to be silent for fear of his daughter.

Can’t figure out what to do. He said to the boy, “Father, come and see me again.” If a loaf of bread is found elsewhere. Dulal Das, the manager of the factory, heard everything and said, “I see Baudi.” Dulal went out with the scooter. He went with some sweets on a plate. Said, the bread was not found. I am sending tea.

Soumitra said, take the sweet. Only tea. Molly was at her father’s house then. He ran to his mother and said, “Mom, my grandmother gave me sweets but my father told me not to eat.” Kamalika entered the house at the speed of the storm. Molly the girl behind.

Seeing Soumitra lying down, he screamed. Who wouldn’t walk in front of a house if my mother didn’t insult you? Your mother taught you this. And how to teach? What is his own education initiation. The little man’s son is the little man. Bread on Pujo day! Someone someday

Heard? Did your mother feed everyone at your house in Pujo? Can’t people go without misery? Where will you get the bread tonight? Creating a scene is the nature of your group.

     Many have endured and no longer. Tell me what to say. Talking all this dirty to my innocent mother. There is nothing wrong with that. The fever has increased a lot. The headache is also with him. According to some, he got up from the bed and slapped Kamalika on the cheek. I went to say, U bus .. but when he saw his mother-in-law coming in front of the door, he controlled himself.

The bread was found. Four pieces of baked bread in a tray. Another cup of tea. All heard. All seen. But he did not say a word. He left the tray on the table and left in silence, just as he had come. Soumitra left. Silence. The bread fell. Just a letter from El Lawyer. Soumitra wants a divorce. No no, not divorce. Wants release

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