A trip to the Ayodhya hills of Purulia – Sabina Yasmin

Suddenly I decided to go to the Ayodhya hills of Purulia. There is only one reason to go to Ayodhya at the beginning of March – Palash flowers. We didn’t find a place to stay in town. I was at a government hotel called Niharika on the top of the hill. When I was going to Ayodhya by bus from the city along the hilly road, I saw Palash flower trees all around. It was as if the whole forest was on fire. That day we reached the hotel around 11:30 pm. I decided to go out for a walk in the afternoon after eating and drinking. A car was also arranged from the hotel. We did not have much time. The return train at 8 pm the next day.

First I went to Mayur hill. This is my first time seeing the mountain. So to the other five people it might not be something ahamri; But to me it is like getting the moon in my hand. As soon as I climbed the mountain, I started running around like a playful teenager. Coming down from the peacock hill, I saw 2 baby girls making garlands of Palash flowers for sale. We also bought.
When he got in the car, the driver said he would take him to the suicide point. It was a creepy thing to hear; Probably this mountain is the witness of many suicides. Let’s go there – where? Such a beautiful place I have never seen before. The fun of watching the view from the high mountains to the bottom is different. Looking at one side of the hill, I see a huge reservoir at the bottom – Muruguma Dam. After that we have to go here. Char grass carpet leaves; Cows and goats are grazing in it. The local little kids are all playing. Some indigenous women are returning home with wood chips.

I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. I indulged my emotional mind quite a bit. I decided to go down the hill with the foot of the green desert. Then walk along the paved road. I was like Birohini Radha then. When I reached the edge of the reservoir, it seemed that the game of vermilion was playing in the sky at dusk. I sat down and saw the setting sun. Ah, what a gentle sight. The reservoir looked like a huge drinking vessel.

Nature is relaxing a little by drinking alcohol from here. I became engrossed in an obsession. After being overwhelmed by the colorful air of that red water for a while, I walked up the paved road. It was evening when I got in the car. Our day is over like that day. Tired body, but mind still glowing. Sweet air is coming through the window inside the car. What a thrilling environment he is. Back at the hotel I ate tea and vegetable pokora. Made quite well. The hotel environment is also very good. It has a huge garden decorated with many plants. Every house is well-arranged.

I woke up very early the next day. The second day’s journey started at 6 in the morning. And this is the last day. It is very cold in this direction in the morning. But it started to get hot in the afternoon. First we went to Marble Lake. The water of the lake is so calm in the morning, as if I have not yet woken up. It is very difficult to explain in words that the lake is so beautiful to look at. Standing in front of the lake was a strange feeling. The lake looked like a holy woman; She is wearing a light blue sari and meditating. All nature is looking at him. His static idol stopped all the charachars for a moment. I was repeatedly drowning in the depths of his meditation. I did not want to leave that place. But I should have gone. There was a hill near the edge of this lake. The hill is decorated with trees. In the soft sunlight she looked like a brand new bride. He repeatedly wants to see his form in the water of the lake.

Then I went to Bamni Jharna. A small fountain is flowing in your mind. The sun has come into the water through the gap of the tree. I sat on a tiller and soaked my feet in the water. How many forms of nature, how many colors, how many beauties. Yet he does not pose anywhere. He loves to be in his own rhythm.
Then I went to Khayraberi lake. There is a bridge over the lake. There were some white bucks sitting on the bank. The wind is blowing all the time. It was noon. The sun is just above the head. Still, the sincerity of nature engulfed the mind.

This time the driver of our car said that the bird was taking us to the mountain. Hearing the name, it seems that maybe there are all kinds of birds here. Let’s go and see another matter. If you look at the mountain closely, no one will be able to determine the real reason for its naming. It must be seen from a distance. Much like a jigsaw puzzle. Then it can be seen that someone has painted a bird on him with white color. It is heard that a tourist comes here to do the work. Suddenly it looks like it was drawn with a pencil on the slate. I couldn’t help but admire the artist’s creativity.

Then I set off towards the Lower Dam. Just above it is the Upper Dam. Very nice place. Small shops have also sprung up nearby. There are no toys, balloons, food and chess being sold. It seemed like a small fair. This environment is completely different from the previous ones. It reminded me of my childhood. But we could not enjoy the beauty of this place properly because then Bharadupur; So the heat is exhausting. From there I hurried out towards the Upper Dam. The same situation there; Nowhere is there so much shadow. Now it’s time to return home.
After paying the hotel bill in the afternoon, we left for Purulia station. The last time I saw Purulia was through the window glass of the car. I was really upset. The greenery, the mountains, the chirping of the birds, the clear air, the simple faces of the villagers, the red dirt path – there is a wonder that draws them. It was as if nature had filled all the fatigue in its bag and made it disappear completely; And on the way back, he gave me a lot of lovely moments as gifts, which will be stored in this memory box for the rest of my life. Who doesn’t know – the sweeter the memory, the richer he is in this world.

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