Places of Interest – Sudip Ghoshal


Something unknown in the village
Loved people and places of interest

Sudip Ghoshal

I love to see villages or cities that I have never seen before. I went to visit Balloon Eco Village once. I got off at Shiblun Holt along Howrah Azimganj Local. From there Ambalgram is next to Balun village in a two kilometer Toto rickshaw. Ek Od Paragaon.

I crossed the Bablar forest along the dirt road and entered Tanmoybabu’s dream world. Tanmoybabu turned around and showed me. His world. About a hundred species of trees. Animals, open areas of animals. Different species of snakes are roaming here and there.

I saw his own hand-made statue of mother Kali. The world of ecosystem in the glass house. Cute snakes, frogs and various insects that live in a village land. Tanmoy is taking pictures with a huge camera. I turned around and saw a resort built at a cost of around two crore rupees. Open toilet cum bathroom. Ishani river is next to it.

One of the Sati Peeths of Ekanna Sati Peeth can be reached by boat on this river. Tanmoybabu showed the snake in his hand. There are foxes, beji, snakes, vams. Moreover, there are hundreds of bird species. There is a pond.

A library is being built on its floor. Many foreign tourists visit here in winter. Tanmoybabu said, all the arrangements have been made here considering the snake bite. Medicines are always in stock.

Then I toured the village of Balloon. Farmers here do not use fertilizers and pesticides. Then in the afternoon I went to the boat laughter satipeeth. Here mother Mahamaya’s lips fell. Son Maharaj is the head of this Sati Peeth.

Then I saw the seat of Panchamundi. The road through the dense forest. The idol of mother Kali in the temple. I stayed there for the night.

The next morning I walked to Ketugram Bahulkshitala. It is said that the mother’s arm fell here. This is also a seat of Ekanna Sati Peeth. The mind becomes better with the beautiful use of beautiful people. Next to it is Maraghat.

From there I took a bus to Uddharanpur. Here the memory of the writer Abhudhut is involved. Gate, bathroom, everything has been made in Ganga ghat. Dead body is burning in the crematorium. Here Sri Chaitanyadev shaved his head after taking sannyasa.

I went to Madhaitala. Harinam is chanted here day and night non-stop for many years. The city of Katwa, surrounded by many temples and mosques, looked good.

Sanatan Majhi’s house in Nandanpara, Ward No. 20 of Katwar. He is a master of music. In the month of Baishakh, Harinam is under his leadership.

Throughout the month of Boishakh, Sanatanbabu’s Harinam’s group sang the name of Harinam’s group in Nandanpara from the stadium to Prantikpara. I never heard any sadness in his face. Life is the name of overcoming sorrow. He also said that if you can mix with many people, your mind will be better.

Resource chief. I say PC. Katoa sub-district home in Singi. Age about sixty-five years. Woke up in the morning to work washing dishes in three houses. Then the news paper came from house to house.

He earns three thousand rupees a month by working after listening to everyone’s fi orders. Give the boys something. He kept the rest for himself and another adopted son. He said, I just don’t have to do it. You have to think for others too.

In his spare time he reads newspapers and books. Work again in the afternoon. He got married at an early age. The husband is no more. The boys are busy with themselves. But there is no complaint. So his mantra. So his religion.

I used to see some people sitting comfortably on the floor of the train while coming and going on the train. Like them, I also wanted to sit on the floor without sitting in the seat. But I could not because of fear of public shame.

Tuktak used to keep his mouth open. I used to sit on the seat of a gentleman with water on my tongue. They would not smile. They would not eat anything unnecessarily or talk. There was a bad smell in their mouths.

Then in the afternoon of the song, I sat recklessly on the floor of the train between them. The man wearing the lungi smelled of earth. His mind became very light.

The man said, sit well. How sincere is his use. Then I started eating train food. At first jhalamuri. The man next to me also bought jhalamuri. I started eating jokingly. Then came ghugani, guava, gaja, pampar, lozenge and many more.

It felt like a banquet. There is no end to eating. Eat as much as you can. There are many benefits of sitting on the floor. There are many poor people in our country. So poor people have a lot of friends. On the way, they recognize each other more than they can see each other.

Sunil Hajra from Nandanpara tells me the story of catching snakes. How hard he has built a house in the forest. Yet he earns in an honest way. Teach tuition twice. Besides, he arranged for one or two children on the sidewalk to eat rice. He says, listen to me.

There seem to be few writers who have not written stories about snakes. But the story that I will hear is a very true story of my life. There is no plaster inside the house, so outside. Nandanpara is a little far away. Even if I scream at night, no one will hear me

 No. One night when I woke up I saw four snakes on four walls. He stopped when he saw me. I threw a torch light in one place and it was dark in another place.

Then the snakes try to get down. I sit quietly under the mosquito net. Next door son, wife. Suddenly his wife woke up and saw a snake. He got scared. I was forced to kill one. But the rest escaped. This is how we would face the snake every day.

Then a little space next to it. Another house was built there. The kitchen is there. The dining room is there. But more events were waiting for us. This time I used to sleep alone in the next room. Mother and son in the old big house. Now all the plaster inside and out, have been painted. No problem.

One day I woke up in my bedroom at one o’clock in the morning. In the kitchen, the tin of rice and the tin of rice all fell down. I came out with a torch from inside the mosquito net. I see everything is falling. I have been listening to the sound for so long. I thought a thief had entered. When I see the thief, I will tell him, brother, take whatever you want.

But don’t beat me. How do you know that not the thief himself has entered my house. I saw a huge hood with a huge hood in the kitchen. Seeing this, I opened the door and came out and called them. They also looked up. Then two or four people who got up at night started shouting. Then there were houses nearby.

They came and said, mother has entered the house. Don’t kill. There will be sin. I couldn’t do anything else. I spread carbolic acid indoors. The snake does not come out at all. I stayed up all night. In the morning Ojha came with tongs.

The famous people of Panchghara village took him out with a snake. Everyone called him father. With two big tongs in his hand, he easily took out the snake from the house. He did not kill any snake. “Snakes are our eco-friendly,” he said.


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