Ghost events -There is no explanation – Sudip Ghoshal

My friend Milu has returned from Kolkata today. Back to meeting me first. I said, Milu, how are you? Milu said, I’m fine. How are you? I said I’m fine, but without saying that, Milu told me to meet Ashish. I came to tell the story. My interest in listening increased. At first I saidContinue reading “Ghost events -There is no explanation – Sudip Ghoshal”

Salvo – Asim Kumar Chatterjee

Today, Sanaiya’s tune has been playing at Kamaleshwar Babu’s house since morning. All the residents of “The Cloud” apartment on Circular Road in Tollygunge are very happy today. Intoxicated with joy. Good food for Kamleshwar Basu’s only grandson. The house is full of people. Gathering of relatives. Although the hotel “The Ocean” has been bookedContinue reading “Salvo – Asim Kumar Chatterjee”

The bread – Asim Kumar Chatterjee

Screaming and shouting at home since morning. The house is very quiet. But today’s situation is different. One house man. Elder uncle has come from Tollyganj. With aunt and Kamalika’s old daughter Dwipanbita. Elder uncle lawyer. He practiced in the Calcutta High Court. Enough name calling. Small Psima came from Chandan Nagar. Widowed people. AgeContinue reading “The bread – Asim Kumar Chatterjee”

Back from the Ganga Sagar : Siddhartha Singha

The Bay of Bengal means the temple of Kapilmuni. And at the root of its world-wide fame is the holy bath and fair here on the day of Capricorn. At that time, in the dust of the feet of millions of people, this place became a meeting place. Apart from the Kapilmuni temple, this beachContinue reading “Back from the Ganga Sagar : Siddhartha Singha”

From the pages of history – Ashim Kumar Chattopadhyay

From Bangalore: Suddenly lilte uncle came and appeared. He will spend two days in Kolkata for office work. Christmas holidays. Everyone at home is intoxicated with the joy of the festival. litle aunt makes wonderful cakes. In the morning there was a chat with cake and coffee. In the middle of the conversation, a smallContinue reading “From the pages of history – Ashim Kumar Chattopadhyay”

A trip to the Ayodhya hills of Purulia – Sabina Yasmin

Suddenly I decided to go to the Ayodhya hills of Purulia. There is only one reason to go to Ayodhya at the beginning of March – Palash flowers. We didn’t find a place to stay in town. I was at a government hotel called Niharika on the top of the hill. When I was goingContinue reading “A trip to the Ayodhya hills of Purulia – Sabina Yasmin”

Rabindranath in Bangladesh – Piyush Kanti Barua

Rabindranath-1 Rabindranath of Bangladesh:Rabindranath is the beacon of Bengali consciousness. Rabindranath is still a unique refuge in the crisis of the Bengalis. Rabindranath is involved with the nature of Bengal as the essence of consciousness. Rabindranath’s melody and rhythm are mixed in the river-cosmos, birds-palla of this country as an accompaniment of roots. Rabindranath Padma,Continue reading “Rabindranath in Bangladesh – Piyush Kanti Barua”

Sen Empire and Ballal Mound ?

Sujan Modak             University of Burdwan R.C. A small effort inspired by Sir and in collaboration with the Nabadwip Archaeological Department and regional figures. Another important empire in the history of Bengal after the Pala dynasty was the Sena dynasty. The Sena dynasty kings were able to maintain their Hindutva domination in Bengal for aboutContinue reading “Sen Empire and Ballal Mound ?”

Places of Interest – Sudip Ghoshal

Something unknown in the village Loved people and places of interest Sudip Ghoshal I love to see villages or cities that I have never seen before. I went to visit Balloon Eco Village once. I got off at Shiblun Holt along Howrah Azimganj Local. From there Ambalgram is next to Balun village in a twoContinue reading “Places of Interest – Sudip Ghoshal”

Picasso – Piyush Kanti Barua

Grief in the practice of creativity is the unique seedbed of energy. This power gives uninterrupted expression to creative thinking. Grief sometimes changes the language and attitude of creativity. Grief in Rabindra’s life or grief in Nazrul’s life has brought a new dimension to their creativity. Painting is much more aesthetic and eloquent than mourningContinue reading “Picasso – Piyush Kanti Barua”